How to Wear a Boot Knife with Cowboy Boot: Hiding Tips

A boot knife has gained popularity because many people love it and especially cowboys. It is known for its effectiveness and can also act as a weapon in times when you are in danger. Many people always refer to it as their survival tool, especially if they are deep in the woods or at an unknown place. Some people take it as a sense of fashion, and you will always see those wearing cowboy boots and the boot knife.

Apart from that, the majority always value the boot knife as it is one of the protective tools. It is good to be always prepared if you encounter any danger ahead, and that means you should always have a boot knife.

Having it by your side is very important as you can never tell what danger or any threat will present itself. Many people love wearing cowboy boots but unfortunately are not sure how to wear them with a boot knife.

You can wear them in different ways, and one way is by wearing the boot knife inside the cowboy boot, or you can choose to wear it outside. This depends on the size of your boot knife. In case your boot knife is small and thin in size, you can comfortably wear it inside, and if it is big, then you will have to wear it outside so that you be comfortable.

The boot knife and cowboy boots go hand in hand, and if you are deciding on the types of boots to wear, it will affect your decision on the boot knife. Take note of how to wear a boot knife with a cowboy boot as discussed below.

Choosing the Boot

You should put into consideration the type of boot you are going to wear reason being you are going to wear it with a boot knife. Even though cowboy boots are an excellent match to wear with a boot knife, not all fit nicely. The markets consist of many types of cowboy boots, and it's your responsibility to choose what suits you.

Some cowboy boots lack the space to fit the boot knife itself. So you need first to check the right type of suitable cowboy boots carefully. It is wise to shop around or carry out some research so that you get the best cowboy boots that can accommodate the boot knife. You can ask the vendor who is dealing with the cowboy boots to help you get one that has space to fit the boot knife. You can also ask your friends who own cowboy boots to refer you to the best vendor where you can buy the boots.

It is easy to get the cowboy boots that have space as many are made with the same design to carry the knife. Many of the cowboy boots always have a strap inside which makes it easier to carry the knife and on the other hand some do not contain the straps. When you get such a cowboy boot, you can read the guide you bought it with or even ask the vendor at the shop how you can have a strap made for the boot knife.

Choose the Perfect Knife

The knives differ in sizes and you will have to take time and choose the correct knife. You need a boot knife that will fit the space available in your cowboy boot. Here you will have to put into consideration the type of cowboy boots that you have before buying the boot knife. If you carry a wrong knife, it will be dangerous to you as you will feel a lot of discomforts and also have bruises and cuts.

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The knife should always be smaller in size as you will be able to wear it comfortably and also carrying it without worrying. A report that was made stated that a boot knife should be around 2.5 to 5 inches and more than that is too big.

Another vital aspect is the material for the knife that you are choosing to wear. Always remember quality over everything. Make sure you choose a long-lasting material so that your boot knife last longer. Settling for a counterfeit material will have you wasting money to purchase another boot knife. A recommendation that is always made is to go for a knife that has a sheath that has a leather material. This will not cause any injury when you carrying your boot knife.

Wearing the Boot Knife

You now have your cowboy boots and your boot knife, and you need to wear them. First, start by wearing your cowboy boots and then insert the tip using a sheath on your cowboy boots and ensure you feel comfortable when walking. After that, you can even take a few steps and determine how comfortable it is. Take your boot knife and insert it in the sheath and then tie the remaining part of the knife around your leg with the strap.

You should also tie the sheath around as it will be easier to locate the knife in case of any emergencies. When you can pick the knife quickly when there is an emergency, you will feel more confident. Imagine you are in an unknown environment and when you want to pick your knife, you find yourself struggling to get it. The next thing you know is you are sweating profusely and trembling in fear. Make sure you tie it nicely, and you wear your knife carefully.


Beware of shopping online as you might end up buying something that you did not need. If you need to shop online, you need to do thorough research. Reading reviews can be of much help as it will help you know if the vendor sells a quality product. You will only match them appropriately if you take into consideration the points highlighted above. It is recommended to buy from renowned online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

It can sound hard wearing your boot knife with cowboy boots, but when done diligently and carefully it very easy.

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