How to Use Jack LaLanne Power Juicer: Easy Steps

The majority of individuals have the habit of buying everything in the store, and this includes cooked food and drinks. Many think that it's too much work to do the work by themselves. When you walk to a store, the only thing you think of is buying everything that has been made easy for you to use.

Technology has advanced, and everywhere they sell everything that each and everyone wants. If you are a fun of drinks, especially ones that are made from fruits or vegetables, why don't you try making them at home? If you own a power juicer, then you can easily then you can make your juice and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

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What if I don't know how to use a power juicer? 

Some individuals have a power juicer at home, but they ignore using it because they are not sure how to operate it in the first place. They would rather buy packed juice from a store than use their Jack LaLanne power juicer.

A Jack LaLanne power juicer comes with a manual that contains instructions that are very simple to understand and put in practice. The instruction is highlighted in the booklet or a manual that can guide you. If you follow the instructions as indicated, you will enjoy your fresh juice at the comfort of your home. Read below on how to use a Jack LaLanne power juicer.

Assembling Your Jack LaLanne Power Juicer

You must ensure that all the parts are assembled correctly and in order. This you should do before using the power juicer. It is important to acknowledge that the upper part of your juicer is in the correct order. You can read your manual and do it the correct way. It has a receptacle that should be placed at the bottom then ensure you keep your filter based at the center of the receptacle.

The blade should be at the core of the filter, and at this point, make sure it is tightened well and then slightly turn it in a clockwise direction until its snug. Afterward, cover it using its lid and make sure it's locked nicely. If you are struggling to assemble it, make sure to read every process to understand. If you assemble inappropriately, your power juicer will not function, or you might end up damaging it. If you are sure it's fully assembled, connect your juicer to the power.

Making the Juice

  • If you have the fruits you wanted to make juice from, ensure you wash them nicely before you start using them. Make sure you peel your fruits before you insert them in the power juicer.
  • Place your jack LaLanne power juicer on a smooth surface where it can stand still. If you happen to place it in a slanted place, it can easily roll and break.
  • Take your piece of container that you want to put the juice in and place it under the spout and start by inserting the fruits inside the funnel as you direct them to be cut. You will guide them using a pusher, not your bare hands.
  • You do not want to risk getting injuries as a result of using your fingers. The Jack LaLanne power juicer comes with all its parts. Therefore, make sure you put all of them in use.
  • You should chop your fruits into smaller pieces so that they can easily go inside the funnel. Large pieces cannot fit the funnel, and that means they will not be crushed, or you might use a lot of energy trying to crush them.
  • You can now add water to help in the process, and that is in small quantity until it reaches your satisfaction.
  • You can make your juice using different types of fruits and even try a mix with vegetables to get a new taste or experience.

Congratulations! You've made yourself a homemade juice, and you can be sure it has healthy nutrients that will help your system. Once you are done, pour your juice into a cup and enjoy it.

Cleaning the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

  • Before you start cleaning it, you first need to disconnect your juicer from the power and make sure you wash it.
  • When cleaning it, always pull out the pusher and the lower locking bar, then the lid and pulp collector.
  • Make sure to unscrew and gently pull out the blade. Do not rush removing the blade as it might cut you and cause severe injuries.
  • Once you've succeeded in pulling out the blade, you can also pull out the filter, followed by the receptacle.
  • You need to wash all these parts with clean water. The water needs to be warm enough to carry out your cleaning properly and remove any stain that could be left.
  • You can choose to dry them with a clean towel or place them in a rack where they can slowly dry.

Make sure you store your jack LaLanne power properly if not in use, and in that way, you will be able to use if for many years.

Using a jack LaLanne power juice is easy and not as hard as some people think. You can easily make your juice when you follow the instructions indicated in the manual. The booklet or manual has listed instructions that you can easily follow even when cleaning it.

The Jack LaLanne power juicer does not make any noise when in use. The motor operates quietly and durable, which means it can last for a long time compared to these other types.

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The feeder is big and round, which will not pour your content out while using it. The blades are made of stainless steel; therefore, it doesn't attract rust. It is also fast, and you can have your juice within seconds of making it. When you compare jack LaLanne power juicer, it will extract up to 30 percent more juice than others.

Final thoughts 

You can use all types of fruits and vegetables in a Jack LaLanne power juicer. If you do not own a Jack LaLanne power juicer, make sure you include it in your next budget and make your fresh juice at the comfort of your home.

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