How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife with Household Items: Yeah It's Possible

A pocket knife is a versatile tool and people who own pocket knives can say that it is an essential tool for them. It carries out many functions such as slicing a fruit, cutting tool, among others. However, as you keep using your pocket knife, it will eventually develop bluntness or become dull. That does not mean you stop using it because not everything can be on its new status.

What happens when your pocket knife becomes dull? 

When you use your pocket knife, it will eventually become dull or blunt. That means you will need to find a way to sharpen it. If it's dull, you will be unable to use it.

You should never throw your dull knife away because it can't help you. It was a great source of help when it was sharp. That means you only need to maintain it properly by sharpening it so that it goes back working efficiently.

Equipment to Use

To sharpen your pocket knife and bring it back to the life you will need some tools to achieve that. These are items like a coffee cup, honing rod, concrete, nail file, and a spine of another knife, among others.

These are items that you can easily access as they are found within your home. They will help you sharpen your pocket knife to your satisfaction. You can have confidence that if you choose either of the two, then your pocket knife will gain sharpness.

· Using a coffee mug

All that you need is to find a coffee cup that has a rough bottom and your dull pocket knife. You can try and sort out your coffee cups and locate one that has enough rough space at the bottom. Turn your coffee cup upside down so that the bottom faces upward. Place the cup on a smooth surface and hold your pocket knife using one hand. The other hand holds the coffee cup and start sliding the knife back and forth. The edge will get sharpened as you continue sliding it back and forth.

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· Using concrete

Concrete is everywhere, and that means you do not have to pay for it to sharpen your knife. All you need is to find a piece of concrete that is smooth, perhaps in front of your house and run the knife on it. Never use much energy as you might damage your blade. Run the knife against the concrete the same you would when using a stone.

Sharpening a Pocket Knife Using Honing Rod, Spine of another knife and nail file

Many households are known to have a honing rod in place which they use to sharpen knives. In a home setting, you can also find more than 2 to 3 knives. You can use these two items to sharpen your pocket knife. Surprisingly, nail files can also help you sharpen your pocket knife.

· Using Honing Rod

First, you need to hold the honing rod with your dominant hand, and it should not be near your body. Take your pocket knife and hold it firmly with one hand. Place your four fingers on the handle, and your thumb should be at the spine of the knife far from the blade. The angle you choose to sharpen from the start should be the angle you maintain throughout the process.

Start the process by moving the knife across the top half of the honing rod, and you can start with the heel of the knife touching the rod and end with the tip of the knife touching the rod. This process includes moving your wrist, and that is the only way you will have your entire blade sharpened.

· Using a Spin of another Knife

Look for one of your knives and spot a think spine of the second knife. You will use this other knife to sharpen your pocket knife. Hold your pocket knife on the one hand and use the other to hold the other knife. Place your pocket knife on top of the spine of the other knife and slide it back and forth. You will repeat the same process on different sides until your pocket knife gets completely sharpened.

· Sharpening using a Nail File

A nail file is something that you can easily access. Many individuals have this to make their nails finer, not knowing that it can help them sharpen their pocket knife. Take your nail file and holding if on the one hand and use the other to hold your pocket knife.

Run the cutting edge against the emery board of the nail file. If you have more than two nail files, you can start with the one that has coarse grit then move to the finer grit. Make sure you do this process until you reach your level of sharpness.

Reasons to sharpen your pocket knife

Nobody wants to use a dull knife, and that is why it is reasonable to sharpen your pocket knife. It is also a good way of maintaining it.

You always want to feel comfortable using your knife and small maintenance like sharpening your knife will not cost you a lot.

You do not have to feel frustrated each time you are using it or feel that it is a nuisance to you.

You do not need to walk a lonely street with something that is of no use. In case of emergencies and your pocket knife is dull, then it becomes dangerous.

How often should you sharpen a pocket knife?

You can try sharpening your pocket knife after 5 to 7 times of use. This will leave it sharpened, and it will maintain its look.


Do not always wait until your pocket knife is dull so that you sharpen it. Maintaining your pocket knife is not only keeping it safe and closing it nicely but also sharpening it. It will always look new when you sharpen it regularly perhaps monthly.

Your household items play a significant role and something like sharpening your knife you do not need to spend money hiring someone to do the job for you. The process is easy and fun at the same time, and the only thing you require is patience when sharpening your pocket knife.

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