How to Pick a Lock with a Swiss Army Knife: You Should Consider

You are in a hurry to go out, and it happens that you close your door, and unfortunately, you realize that you left the keys inside. It might also happen you get locked inside a room, and you get stranded on the next step to take.

The majority of individuals will always say the solution is to break the door either by themselves or hire a locksmith to help them out. All these actions that you take always come with a price. Because when you break the door, you will have to have it repaired. On the other hand, when you hire a locksmith to do the work, you will have to pay for the services offered to you. 

If you are the type of person who owns a Swiss army knife, then you are fortunate enough as it will be of great help. Did you know that you can pick a lock with a Swiss army knife? If you did not know, then you will be surprised that it does wonders.

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You can only do this to your property but not other people's houses, as it can be considered as a crime. This is a skill that is of your benefit unless a friend tells you to help out if they are stuck out of their house, and the only option you have is using your Swiss army knife. Read below to learn how to pick a lock with a Swiss army knife.

Preparing to pick a Lock

First, you need to determine the type of lock and how they operate. There are many types of locks, and knowing in advance the lock you’re about to deal with is vital. Consider it as a new skill that you need to learn. Learning on the different types will be of great help when it happens that you get locked out of your house. You can either choose to buy a guide showing different types of locks or seek more information from a professional who deals with various types of locks.

After understanding the type of lock you are dealing with, then you can obtain your Swiss army knife to pick the lock. You need to be careful when doing this because if your Swiss army knife is sharp, it can cause a lot of injuries to you.

Checking the size of the keyhole 

Check the size of the keyhole first before inserting the knife. In most cases, the thin blade always works well in picking locks. Make sure you choose the thin blade that can go through the hole. There are some points you will need to file down the toothpick so that you can fit it into the key-way. Filing the toothpick is relatively important because your main aim is to ensure you can insert it in. You can now be sure that you are ready to start the process of picking your lock.

Picking the Lock

Once you know the size of the hole, then be ready to insert the knife blade in the keyhole. Your Swiss army knife will be able to accomplish this without a doubt due to its thinness. You will use it as a key as you will to either wrench or wiggle it around like a key. The process is just the same as opening your door when it's locked.

Make sure you stick the blade into the lock as far as it can go, then apply pressure in one direction first then repeat the same in the other direction. Just wiggle the blade in the keyhole as many times as possible with little pressure. Doing this will have you bending the tweezers to a 90-degree angle for tension wrench.

You need to be patient enough and do it tactfully and normally little pressure to avoid more damages like breaking the lock or causing any injuries. There is a pressure that will be applied to the pins that will make it capable of pulling them out. You will be able to loosen up the nuts of the lock and have your door opened.

If you are lucky enough, you will hear a click, then you can be sure you have succeeded in picking the lock. Those sounds easy, but keep in mind more time can be consumed to get the lock open. A lot of patience is required here when carrying out the process and also being attentive. This is because multiple attempts are needed to get to pick the lock. It does not open with the first attempt, and you will be required to repeat that severally.

Once you are sure that your door is opened, make sure you have not tampered with the entire lock or damaged anything. It can be necessary to pick your key and try to insert them in the lock to see if they will work. Remember, you have to do this to able to know if your key will go in after the process that you did. If your key fails to open, then you will need to have it looked into. In most cases, there are no damages caused when a Swiss army knife is used to pick a lock, and that is why many people are recommended to use it when they find themselves locked out.

Final Words 

This process is inexpensive and also easy if you have mastered the entire process and how it works. Doing this helps you avoid using money to repair your lock or hiring a locksmith.

You do not have to wait until you are locked out of your house to use a Swiss army knife. You can also close your house and have the keys and just practice opening it with your Swiss army knife.

Learning this skill is important because you never know when you will either forget your keys or lose them, and the only option you have is using a Swiss army knife. Swiss army knife has many functions, and you now know it can pick a lock.

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