How to Get Glass Out Of a Garbage Disposal: 3 Minute's Job

Nearly all kitchen sinks are built with garbage disposal mounted on the lower side of the sink as it helps in collecting solid food. Every household depends on the garbage disposal to help them in the intake of leftovers. It's a great appliance that is appreciated in every kitchen in a home.

As much as garbage disposal can help to take the unwanted food materials, many tend to confuse it with a garbage can. This is because people dispose of any food on the garbage disposal, thus damaging it.

It is always essential to take note of what foods should be taken to the trash and what the garbage disposal is meant for. When you correctly use your garbage disposal, you will prevent clogs and disposal jams from occurring.

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Things like potato peels, bones or any hard objects should not go through the garbage disposal. Many who pour hard objects like bones always believe that garbage disposal has sharp blades that can cut through hard materials. That is not true at all and having that in mind you should throw garbage to where it belongs.

What if you are washing and glass breaks into pieces and makes their way to your garbage disposal? How will you go about removing it?

You need to get out this glass very carefully to avoid getting any cuts. Read here to learn how to get a glass out of garbage disposal.


There are some tools you will need to be able to get out of the glass. This includes:

  • A vacuum
  • A pair of pliers
  • A broom or a hammer

You should never do the removal with your bare hands as it's very dangerous. You will also need a garbage disposal manual in the case where you need to remove the garbage disposal from where it is fixed.

Make sure you have all these tools before you start the process of getting out the glass.

Using a Pair of Pliers

Before you start removing the glass, you need to ensure that the power being supplied to the garbage disposal is off.

You can choose to turn off the power on the disposal only. But to be on the safer side, disconnect the power at the power source or circuit breaker. This is to avoid any serious injuries resulting from being electrocuted.

Avoid sticking your hand into the drain, hoping that you will pull out the glass. You will only come out with several cuts or bruises from the glass or have your hand stuck in. Make sure you have a pair of pliers to get out the glass or if it's broken, you can use it to remove the large pieces.

Pull out as many pieces as you can because you are likely to get hold of the bigger pieces at the top of the drainage.

You need to do this process repeatedly until you feel that there are any bigger pieces left. If you are unable to get out of the glass, you can start by dislodging it first.

You can use your broom by inserting its handle on the top of the garbage disposal and then wiggle it to dislodge it. After dislodging it, you can use your pair of pliers to remove all pieces you can reach.

Vacuum To Remove the Glass

Here you will need to vacuum the garbage disposal, and you will successfully do this using a wet-dry vacuum. Suck out the glass from the drain opening using the long head attachment of the vacuum. You will repeat this process until you are unable to see anything being sucked up.

Remember that some pieces will need to be sucked one by one and this is in the case where the nozzle is not wide.

If you have a double sink, then make sure you cover up the holes to maximize the suction on the dispenser. You can also turn the blades to remove the last bits of pieces of remaining glass.

Turn on the blades of the disposal using your broom handle, and then suck the remaining glass using the vacuum.

Once you are finished, you can clean the vacuum. At this point, you will need to rest your garbage disposal, and that is by powering on the power source.

Run your tap to wash away any small pieces that might be left behind. If the garbage disposal still cogs or jams, that will mean that there is a piece of galls still left.

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You will switch off the power and repeat the process until you get out of the glass. The process is easy but very dangerous. And that means a total concentration is important.

You can also choose to remove the garbage disposal from the sink following the instruction on the manual. Garbage disposal is known to be heavy and getting the help of a friend, or family member is necessary.

After removing the garbage disposal, carefully remove the piece of glass out, then reinstall it back according to the manual.

Thinks You Should Know

When installing back your garbage disposal, make sure you follow every detail in the manual. If you miss something, you might end up damaging your garbage disposal.

The glass is a hard object that cannot be cut into smaller pieces. If a glass goes down the drainage, never assume that it has been broken into smaller pieces; thus, it can cause any harm.

It is dangerous, and if you continue using your sink without sorting out the issue, it will lead to clogging or jamming. You do not need to buy a new unit altogether as you can simply fix the problem. If you experience a jam or clogs in your sink, locate where the problem is.


If your child was doing some washing and end up dropping a glass, they might not tell you. Therefore, it is important if you teach them that when something like that occurs. It is also important they let an adult know before they can go on using it. Make it clear that it might cost you a lot of it goes unnoticed.

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