How to Fix a Broken Kitchen Drawer: Let's Go for It

The majority of people always build their houses in different styles and designs. Many tend to include drawers in various rooms like the bedroom or kitchen. This they use to store their different items, perhaps in an orderly manner. Drawers have many uses, and one can store utensils, foodstuffs like cereals, and even household items they are not using. This helps present the kitchen neatly and nicely arranged. A kitchen drawer is important in every household as they help out, but it's surprising to know that the drawer gets abused a lot. For instance, you open a drawer and fail to close it. Someone else might come and bang it to its place with the idea of closing it.

Kids also have a habit of swinging on the handles, thus making them weak. It's also a habit of always overloading them now and then, which makes them more fragile. Your kitchen drawer might withstand all this abuse, and when the time comes, it will break down. The side will separate, the knobs will become loose, and the guides might also wear out.

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When that happens, many will always prefer to replace the drawer with a new one stating that it's not of good quality, yet they forget the way they mishandled it. If your kitchen drawer is broken then you need to repair it so that it continues serving you properly. The article below will discuss how to fix a broken kitchen drawer following these simple techniques.

Tools You Require

When fixing your broken kitchen drawer, you need to have some tools to help you in the repair. The various tools you need are a putty knife, brush, drill, wood glue, and clamps, among others.

You need to make sure you have all the requirements before you start your repair. Gloves and safety eyeglasses are also a bonus if you have.

You will be handling different tools, and you need to be careful so that you avoid getting injured. Fixing a broken kitchen drawer is simple by following the following steps.

Fixing the Drawer Boxes

When fixing the drawer boxes, you will have to take the drawer from the chest, and that is by pulling it outside.

Tilt your drawer from the upper side until it loosens the guides, and then place it in a flat or smooth surface.

You will have to remove the screws from the drawer by unscrewing them to be able to remove the solid front of the drawer.

You can use a drill or a screwdriver to pull out the screws. Afterward, insert a drill that measures 3 to 16 inches in the screwdriver all the drill you are using.

Make other holes and base them at the front drawer box next to the previous holes. Use your brush to clean all the dirt inside the drawer and make sure it's thoroughly clean.

Insert the putty knife in any available separations, or the loose joints then disassemble the joints.

Apply the wood glue in the cracked or separated parts and clasp them in order to make them stronger.

You can give it time by allowing the glue applied to dry off and then pull out the clamps. If you need to add strength to the box, then it's appropriate to apply hot-melt adhesives around the drawer and allow it to dry.

You can finalize by making sure you screw the upper front to the box with the help of the current holes you made and the initial screws.

Fixing the Drawer Guides

Once you have detached the drawer from its closet, take a flat blade to help you detach the drawer slides from its chest.

You need to buy a new one, so you have to check the old one to know the manufacturer. Make sure the guides you buy are similar from length to width.

Start by taking the slides out from the parcel and read how they are made to fit. You will notice that they have been marked according to their specific place to be fixed.

Get rid of the old slide and exchange it with a new slide with the help of flat blades that come with the slides.

When installing the guides, it will be easy if you make a comparison of the initial screws' holes in the chest. You need to be keen when carrying out this to avoid mixing or confusing yourself.

You will repeat the same process for the opposite side once you are done with the right and also the bottom part.

Make sure you check the labeling correctly to avoid screwing them on the wrong sides. You do not need double work or spending more money to buy other parts.

Your kitchen drawer that was broken is now completely fixed, and it's your responsibility to take care of it properly.

As you can see, the process of fixing your broken kitchen drawer is easy and consumes a little time if you follow the instructions as indicated. This is something that you can do by yourself, which means you do not need any skills or a professional to repair for you. Hiring a professional to repair for you is much expensive compared to when you do the fixing work yourself.

All you require is the right tools and following the instructions as written to guide you through. In no time, you will have fixed your kitchen drawer properly and have it back to its original condition.

Essential things to keep in mind 

It is vital to put on safety glasses and gloves when working as you will be handling the screwdrivers with your hand. If you do it with your bare hands, you might get bruises or cuts. The safety glasses protect you from getting a small particle from entering your eyes while screwing holes. These protective gears help you achieve your work without getting any injury.

Final thoughts 

Always handle your drawers properly and make sure you do not overload it or even slam it. That kind of behavior is what weakens your kitchen drawer and you do not need to always fix it if it's correctly taken care of. Make sure you fix your broken kitchen drawer using those simple techniques.

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