How to Cut a Perfect Circle with an Exacto Knife: Technical Tips

Many people have always tried using Exacto knife but have always failed, and some give up. When asked, they say it is impossible to use such a tool to cut shapes. The majority of individuals who say it is impossible using the Exacto knife have perhaps given it two attempts. And when they failed they said it is impossible.

To begin with, you need to understand that when you want to use an Exacto knife, you should be sober at mind. That means you should not take not even taste any alcoholic beverages as full concentration is needed. Your hands need to be stable when working with an Exacto knife. If your hands keep trembling or shaking, you will not be able to come out with the best result.

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An Exacto knife is very sharp and can cause an accident if not handled correctly. For instance, you are using a table that seems to be unbalanced; your Exacto knife might role and stab your feet. Make sure the surface you are using is leveled, smooth and comfortable to use. You will have to keep practicing and giving many attempts until you are satisfied with the result. Follow the steps below and learn how to cut a perfect circle with an Exacto knife.

Prepare Materials to Use

You need to have a clean cutting mat that you will use to place either the paper or cardboard that you will be cutting into a circle. The mat also acts as a surface because if you have bumpy surfaces, you will end up ruining your project.

Have a standardized ruler that is not plastic as it easily cracks or breaks. You can choose to have a wooden one or a steel one as they are the best for the job. Make sure your ruler does not slide all over your paper, and that means it needs to stand in place.

Bring out your blades that you are going to use. While cutting paper, your blades will last longer and the sharpness too compared to when cutting hard materials. Your Exacto knife blades should be tightened before you start using it. Just confirm that in advance, and if it is loose, then you can tighten it.

You can also bring a pencil or a marker pen that you will use to trace your circle. You will also need a compass that will help you measure the circle that you want. Once you are sure, you have everything you need, you can start your project.

Tracing Your Circle

Take your pencil and trace the circle on the piece of paper or cardboard that you will be cutting. Some people choose to use a pencil while others prefer a marker. Depending on your taste, you can choose whatever suits you. Take your compass and draw any size of a circle that you want.

When using the compass, unscrew the hinge at the top of the compass so that you move the arms. Draw your circle and once you are done, tighten the compass hinge. Set the sharp point of the compass in the middle of your circle till the pencil hits the paper or cardboard. Remember, the size of the circle you can draw will be limited by how long the arms of a compass are. You can also use a circular object to trace a circle. This is an easy one and also if you do not have a compass within your reach. Find a circular lid, place it and hold it down on the cardboard or paper and trace your circle. Once you are done, you can now start cutting your circle.

Cutting the Circle Using an Exacto Knife

Your Exacto knife has thin blades, and that means you can be sure of getting thinner clear cut. You have your mat down, and that means you will not mind if it has cut from the Exacto knife. Start by cutting around the circle in small strokes using your Exacto knife. Move around the circle slowly with small strokes. This is because you need clear cuts and also not end up destroying your project.

A little pressure and energy are needed here so that you avoid cutting yourself. When doing this, the knife should point away from your body. Repeat the process by going all over the circle so that you can cut through the cardboard or paper. Be patient as you cut through using small strokes until you are sure you have succeeded. Your hand will hole the piece of cardboard or paper, but your fingers should be out of the cutting path.

A lot of concentration is required here as you are using a sharp tool that can easily slip and cause injuries. You now have the perfect circle that you needed. It is possible to cut a perfect circle using an Exacto knife.

Final Words

You can get good circles using various tools, but an Exacto knife is the best for perfect circles. You can use any drawing material you need as long as you are sure the blades will pass through without breaking. Once you are done with the blades, and you feel they are dull you can dispose of them in the right way. You can take a masking tape if you have and wrap around the blade then carefully dispose of it.

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Discarding it anyhow is not appropriate as even if it is dull, it can still cause some injuries and that is why you need to be careful with the way you discard it. It is not a must you use a lid or compass o trace your circles. You can use anything of your choice to draw your circle. A ruler is not a must use here as you can remove the unwanted part of the cardboard or paper once you have your circle. Many people have always failed to cut a perfect circle using an Exacto knife, but with the above steps, you can achieve your ideal circle.

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